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midwinter news

The first month of 2020 is over! Have you been focusing on New Year's Resolutions? Feeling bogged down? This time of year can be hard-- people are often going through big transitions and working (or working out) more.

Remember, it's okay to take a day off and just do something nice for yourself.

This year, I have a few specific intentions:

- improve my health through more strength training and movement classes

- walk daily, with one full day a week for outdoor adventures with my family

- receive bodywork at least once a month

- learn more massage techniques to broaden my knowledge and skills

Read on for exciting news ahead!

got cups?

I'm excited to announce I now offer CUPPING!

This ancient healing modality dates back 2,200 years. Glass or silicone cups are placed on tight muscles. The suction effect draws circulation to the area, loosening adhesions and breaking up scar tissue.

Instead of the downward pressure of massage, cupping creates a lifting, spacious effect that relieves tension.

Try it out at your next session for no extra charge!

winter hours

As I focus on more health and vitality for myself, I am dedicating at least one day a week to being outdoors or resting.


(and starting in the spring, Mondays)

Available Monday through Saturday


commit to self-care

If one of your goals in 2020 was to take better care of yourself, consider a monthly massage membership!

Especially if you're exercising more or in different ways, such as skiing or snowboarding, you need time for your muscles to heal and rebuild.

Enjoy easy, automatic billing and $10 off each session.

All you have to do is schedule!

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