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keep it simple

Gentle reminders for the upcoming season

My purpose in the work I do is to help you slow down, relax and stay healthy.

Beyond my sessions, I offer these tips to support you through the holidays.

Most importantly, take care of yourself.

Book a soothing massage and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Drink up, buttercup!

We need more healthy beverages in the winter as we turn up the heat and party hardy.

Try some delicious bone broth in homemade soups or sip a warm cup by itself. I make my own broth every couple weeks by preserving all the veggie scraps from the kitchen in the freezer until I have enough to fill a large pot.

Simply simmer the scraps in water for 12 hours and add herbs and spices to taste. If you have chicken or beef bones, add those to the pot for extra flavor and nutrients.

I also recommend a large glass of lemon water in the mornings to aid in digestion and detoxification-- especially important after having a little too much fun at all those holiday parties!

Dogs know best

If my dog Gracie could offer you some advice this season, it would be:

- Take as many naps as you want

- Go for walks as much as possible

- Eat with pure joy and wild abandon!

Gracie is a wise soul.

Let's all follow her advice.

Give to others, give to yourself

No need to run around and stress out trying to find the perfect gift this year.

A gift card for massage is the most wonderful way to say you care!

Best of all...

Buy 1 gift card and get a 60-minute massage FREE.

Buy 3 or more gift cards and get a 90-minute massage FREE.

Holiday shopping never felt good!

There are many festive card designs to choose from online, as well as decorative envelopes and ribbons available in my studio.

E-cards can be purchased online HERE.

Again, remember to slow down, get outside a little bit everyday, stretch, take a few mindful breaths daily and take extra good care of yourself during this season.

We need as many people on the earth feeling at ease, relaxed and happy as we can get!

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